Chiropractic Testimonials

"Very happy! My neck pain and headaches have lessened over the last month. Dr. Stevie and Dr. Jared are wonderful and really knowledgeable! They are different than normal chiropractors. Different techniques have helped tremendously!"

- Alycia E.

"Been to a lot of chiropractors and they are the 1st to find the cause of the problem and start treatment there not just treat where it hurts but why it hurts. Throughout their care I have also noticed more energy and strength and overall wellness!!"

- Dean B.

"I highly recommend Dr. Stevie and Dr. Jared for all your chiropractic needs. they are very knowledgeable and caring. Their office is beautifully designed for your safety. From contact free registration to state of the art air filteration. Drs Jared and Stevie will care for you as family."

- Maria S.

"Two incredible doctors... I have been treated by Dr. Stevie and Dr. Jared both and have left their care feeling great every time! Both treat their patients like family— you never feel like just a number. I would highly recommend if you want quality chiropractic care in a comfortable environment."

- Jenna H.

"Dr. Stevie and Dr. Jared are incredible. They are extremely knowledgeable and continually provide a keen attention to detail with every patient! Their adjustments always leave me feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed! Could not recommend them more!"

- Katherine B.


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