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Chiropractic Care

person having back adjustedYou probably know that your brain controls every part of your body, from your heartbeat to your digestion to the movement of your muscles. It does this incredible job by sending messages along your spinal cord and out through your nerves to every cell, organ, and tissue of your body. When these messages are delivered without interruption, we are able to express optimal health.

Your spine is like a suit of armor that protects the spinal cord and the nerves. When your spine moves out of its proper alignment—called a subluxation—it creates a disconnect between your brain and your body, and those messages don’t get delivered properly. The result? Aches, pains, and various types of dysfunction.

Chiropractors locate areas of subluxation and correct them with gentle chiropractic adjustments to restore optimal nervous system function and guide your health in the right direction.

Our Approach to Care

Dr. Steve Iorio and Dr. Jared Morgan at Embrace Chiropractic are passionate about providing neurologically based care that is customized to your specific needs and goals. We specialize in the Torque Release Technique (TRT), a precise, low-force method that is gentle enough for infants, seniors with osteoporosis, and everyone in between. This effective technique involves no twisting, cracking, or popping and uses an instrument called an Integrator™ to deliver specific adjustments.

We may also incorporate Thompson Drop techniques into your personalized care plan and specific stretches to augment your healing.

People seek our care for issues such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Degeneration
  • Ear infections
  • Migraine
  • Neck pain
  • Pregnancy
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis

We Test, Never Guess When It Comes to Your Health

We begin with a thorough exam and, in most cases, full X-rays to determine the location of any subluxations. We use a specific protocol to determine exactly where your spine needs to be adjusted at each visit, and then we repeat the protocol after your adjustment to ensure that your body is holding the adjustment. We’re the only practice in the area offering TRT and one of only two with in-house X-ray equipment.

Take That First Step Toward Optimal Health

Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with our caring chiropractors. Be sure to take advantage of our New Practice Member Special, that’s just $79 (walk-in) or $49 when you book in advance. This offer includes an initial consultation, a full chiropractic spinal exam, any necessary X-rays, and the doctor’s Report of Findings.

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